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Latest Articles

  • Creating Your Lifes Garden

    We will soon be delighted in the change of season! In some parts of the world, farmers are gearing up for planting. Time is spent cultivating soils, planning, and nurturing tiny seedlings. I am also planning my garden. I have in mind a wide variety of vegetables, berries and flowers which will adorn the corners of my back yard. I am trying to anticipate weather patterns, defend against wildlife, and otherwise create an environment to

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  • Do We Trap Good Emotions?

    As you work with people using The Emotion Code, you are likely to get the question, “Do we trap good emotions?” Looking at the chart of emotions, they’re all considered negative emotions, except one– Overjoy. Even then, Overjoy can be considered negative in a sense. Dr. Brad defines Overjoy as, “intense delight or elation which is too overpowering for the body; joy that it is a shock to the system.” The body and mind should

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  • The Bounty of the Harvest

    Fall is the time we truly see the bounties of the harvest. The seeds planted in the earth in springtime bring forth their plenty in the autumn. The harvest is so important to take notice of. We don’t live so much in the agricultural society as generations past, when family farms were common, so we might fail to recognize the importance of this special time of harvest today. The farmers always knew that they relied

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