Learn how to change your energy and create the life of your dreams! Hear Cindy, featured on “Hot and Healthy Podcasts” by Nicole Van Hattem, Host of Hot and Healthy, Board Certified Nutritionist, Holistic Success Coach, and Best selling author.
Hot and Healthy with Nicole van Hattem interview with Cindy Okroj

Growing up, for as long as I can remember, I’d always wanted to be a nurse and help people.  I was fortunate to fulfill that dream and had a successful forty year career as a nurse.

However, as my career developed, STRESS became a constant companion, taking a serious toll on my body and health.  I feel a shoulder pain and tension even as I write this, remembering that time.  My health started to deteriorate, I needed pain pills six days a week to walk slowly, I was suffering from brain fog, sluggishness, overweight, food and seasonal allergies, and a myriad of other symptoms.  Every day became a challenge.

It was not until I stepped on a healing path that I became aware of how lifelong my health issues were.  Because they were a normal state for me!    I did not fully realize that ‘normal’ is not necessarily healthy!

It was not until I experienced energy healing modalities that I was able to improve how I felt without medications and side effects.    I am a certified energy healer in Reiki (universal energy) and experienced Reiki Energy healing power both in person and over distance, becoming a Reiki Master Teacher.  I experienced, and then learned, Bowen therapy, a deceptively gentle yet powerful touch therapy that released a shoulder pain I had for one year in just three sessions! I was introduced and learned NAET – Nambudripads’ Allergy Elimination Technique, a non-invasive procedure to eliminate allergies of all kinds. By the time I heard Dr. Bradley Nelson on a program describe The Emotion Code and The Body Code, I knew the influence our emotions could have on our health, and I just had to learn these simple and fast techniques for identifying and releasing these energies.

It has always been important to me to bring caring and healing to others in what I do.  As I practiced these powerful techniques, I saw real changes in my own and other’s lives, which is very exciting to me as a nurse and healer!

I have reclaimed a healthy life. Today, I take no medications.  I do not suffer seasonal allergies anymore, and I live outside Austin, Texas, USA the heart of allergies and “Cedar Fever” country!  I do not have the headaches and migraines I once had.  I can exercise with grace and ease.  I do not carry the emotional baggage of a lifetime, and feel true happiness and joy once again.  I love what I do.

I created my company, Bon Accord Allergy, and Wellness, which is dedicated to sharing these amazing energy healing modalities I have learned with you; to help you heal from baggage you may not even be aware you are carrying.  I learned to reclaim, or take back, my life from the downward spiral.  You can too.

14th-century proverb (Oxford dictionary): Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

 Great things come from small beginnings.  We can change our lives, it all starts with one step.  Step upon a path to healing with Bon Accord Allergy and Wellness.