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The Emotion Code FREE Offer

Drop Your Emotional Baggage and Clear a Path to Your Full Potential! Includes Live Workshop and FREE Emotion Code Download.

Your Emotional First Aid Kit

Everything you need to keep emotional baggage from affecting you and your family’s happiness.

  • The Emotion Code Softcover Book (Our gift to you!)
  • The Emotion Code Seminar DVD Set
  • The Emotion Code MP3 Audio Book
  • The Emotion Code eBook
  • “Chart of Emotions” Magnet

Emotion Code Certification

Become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and open up a new world of physical, emotional and financial freedom for yourself and others.

Body Code 2.0 – Weekly Live Webinar Invitation

Join the next live training, where Dr. Nelson will demonstrate The Body Code Healing System.

Body Code 2.0

The Body Code truly is The Ultimate Health, Wealth and Happiness Solution! You can use it to improve your life in so many different ways! Feel happier, relieve stress, form and nurture better relationships, increase your wealth and even live longer. It’s all possible for you.

It is a self-study course that enables anyone, without any medical background, to learn to be a healer. Dr. Bradley Nelson developed the system over many years of working with real patients in the real world, and many of the insights in the system are not available anywhere else!

Body Code Certification

Increase your credibility and your income by becoming a sought after Body Code Certified Practitioner

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