My interest in Nikken began with Magnets – having discovered The Emotion Code at that time in which a magnet is used to release trapped emotions. I learned there was much more to Nikken than magnets!

The Nikken Story

Nikken was created to fill a need. In 1975, Isamu Masuda conceived of an invention that would relax and energize millions of people who suffered from one of mankind’s most common complaints: sore feet, and the fatigue that this extends to the entire body. He drew his inspiration from the pebbled surface at the bottom of a Japanese public bath, added magnetism and the Magstep®, the first Nikken product, was born. Magsteps are an example of a pioneering idea — wellness solutions based on the natural world. But the company and its founder were motivated by more than products. A vision of caring, of helping others, was central to the corporate vision.

Nikken today provides products and opportunity that enable us to create a “Wellness Home” based on the 5 Pillars of Health: Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society, and Finances. We believe that a balanced life is found through the application of these 5 Pillars of Health. Nikken is built on the philosophy of improving our quality of life and this is reflected in everything we do. We believe in bringing good health naturally, by using technology that harnesses both the Earth and body’s natural energy. Our products are designed to improve the balance and quality of life through better air, purer water, and a good night’s sleep.

Nikken products incorporate Far-Infrared Technology, Negative-Ion Technology, Full-Spectrum Light Technology, PiMag Water Technology, True Elements Swiss Organic Skin Care, Kenzen Wellness Organic-Based Nutrition, Advanced Magnetic Technology, and Air Wellness Technology.

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